Connecting Food, Farming and Family

What Makes Wisconsin Agriculture Great?

We depend on our farming communities for affordable and abundant food, economic vitality, and stewardship of our state's resources. Agriculture is more than just farming; it's how we feed our families, how we use our natural resources, and our way of life. From dairies to cranberries, Wisconsin is home to a robust and diverse agriculture community that generates a variety of products.

Locally Grown and Raised

Learn how buying local can mean more than visiting a family farm, as well as how best to interpret labels, minimize food waste and prepare food safely. Plus, we show you where to find your favorite Wisconsin-made products at your local grocery store, farmers market or on-farm store!

Meet Wisconsin Farmers

Want to know more about where your food comes from? Wisconsin farmers use innovative technology to safely grow crops, raise livestock and serve as responsible Leaders of the Land™ .

Experience Local Farms

Wisconsin farmers feed your family. Learn about opportunities to visit local farms, how you can make smart shopping decisions at the grocery store and how you can replace common items at home with sustainable options that support farmers and reduce waste.

Thoughts Gather Here

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