By The Numbers

Our farmers work around the clock to ensure food is efficiently grown and harvested while also striving to be sustainable. While we are known for our dairy, Wisconsin is ranked first in the nation for cranberries, snap peas for processing, cheese, ginseng, milk goats and corn for silage.

Food Farming & Family


Wisconsin currently ranks 13th among U.S. states in food, forestry and agricultural exports.

1.28 Million

Number of cows on more than 6,400 Wisconsin dairy farms, helping produce more total cheese than other state.

$100 Billion+

How much the agricultural industry contributes to our state’s economy

1 in 9

The ratio of jobs within Wisconsin that are related to agriculture


Percent of farms that are family-owned

Fun Fact: There are over 300 careers in agriculture from foresting to fishing, to processing and marketing!

Frequently Asked Questions About Wisconsin Agriculture