Simply put, Wisconsin farmers help feed your family. There are many ways you can make healthy and sustainable choices that also support farmers when your family gathers together.

Wisconsin Families

Learn about opportunities to visit local farms, how you can make smart shopping decisions at the grocery store, and how you can replace common items at home with sustainable options that support farmers and reduce waste.

Family Eating

Visit a Farm

There are many opportunities to visit a local farm. Find out more about participating farms here.


The food we prepare plays a large part in ensuring the health and happiness of our families. Find tips on making smart shopping decisions that fuel your family while protecting your pocketbook.

Sustainability at Home

Did you know you can make common household items last longer with some easy swaps? See how farmers can help you reduce, reuse, and recycle your way to a more sustainable home.

Fun Fact: One in nine jobs in Wisconsin are related to agriculture.

Thoughts Gather Here

From Tap to Table

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