Visiting a farm to see directly where your food comes from is a great way to strengthen your relationship with food and how it is grown. Here in Wisconsin, we have many opportunities to connect with your local farmers and learn more about the work they do.

From on-farm tourism opportunities to local farmers markets, it is easy to connect with Wisconsin farms wherever you reside.

Agritourism” refers to the link between agricultural production and tourism. Pumpkin picking, corn mazes and apple picking are all examples of agritourism! Visiting a farm can be a great experience for everyone, especially kids. On a visit, you will have the opportunity to spend some time outdoors and learn about plants, animals, and what farmers do each day.

Find your own “ag-venture”

  • The Wisconsin Agricultural Tourism Association provides a map of participating member farms that offer tours or opportunities to visit. With a robust list of members, you can find a variety of different adventures, such as wine tasting, corn mazes, and event and barn rentals. Find out more here.

  • The Farm Trail app is now available for download. This app allows users to search for locations and attractions in your area to find a farm tour. Visit this page to learn more and download.

  • Travel Wisconsin features a multitude of experiences you and your family can enjoy. Visit their regularly-updated website to find one near you!

No matter what, you and your family will find a memorable adventure on a farm.

Fun Fact: One in nine jobs in Wisconsin are related to agriculture.

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