Just as we gather together to enjoy delicious meals with great company, farmers do the same to ensure we have fresh food on the table.


As consumers, we often forget how big of a role agriculture plays in our livelihood. Contrary to popular belief, more than 96 percent of Wisconsin farms are family-owned. They are run by farmers who are using the latest technology to safely grow crops, raise livestock in a humane way and responsibly employ farm workers.

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Clark Farm


Farmers rely on a whole host of other partners to help them grow the food and raise the livestock that feeds your family.

Farm Life

Farm life is a happy life for both farmers and their livestock. Learn more about how farmers not only value the animals they raise, but also ensure a positive work environment for their employees.

Environmental Stewardship

With a changing climate, our farmers must find new ways to adapt in order to remain sustainable for generations to come. Learn how farmers across our state are serving as environmental stewards by improving the land while reducing emissions.

Fun Fact: Approximately 75% of the world's plants need pollinators to reproduce.

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