Meet a Specialty Grain Farmer

Rochelle Ripp-Schnadt

Lodi, Wis.
First Generation Farmer

As young farmers, it is important to the Schnadt family to be sustainable. They are mindful of their environmental impact and strive to be good stewards of the land. Learn more about sustainability at Heartland Craft Grains.

Meet a Chicken Farmer

Ed Rippley

Waumandee, Wis.
Third Generation Farmer

Ed Rippley raises chickens in the hills and valleys of the Driftless Region. Learn more about sustainability at Rippley Family Farms.

Meet a Corn Farmer

Doug Rebout

Janesville, Wis.
Second Generation Farmer

At Roger Rebout & Sons Farms, sustainability means doing right for the farm, land and community. Learn more about sustainability at Doug’s farm.

Meet a Beef Farmer

Rachel Harmann

Algoma, Wis.
Sixth Generation Farmer

Rachel farms with her family on the shores of Lake Michigan. Learn about sustainability at Lakeshore Land & Livestock.

Meet Dairy Farmers

Mark, Curtis and Scott Noll

Alma, Wis.

Mark, Curtis and Scott Noll and their families have long appreciated and enjoyed the natural resources in their care.

Meet a Sugarmaker

Blake and Jessica Pozarski

Boyd, Wis.

Blake Pozarski owns and operates Pozarski Family Farms along with his wife, Jessica, and two kids, Wyatt and Finley. The family collects sap for maple syrup production in addition to raising crops and selling seed for food plots and other hunting supplies.

Meet a Hog Farmer

Christina (Bergot) Meylor

Darlington, Wis.
Third Generation Farmer

Sustainability at Silver Creek Family Farms means doing things today that will lead to a better future for tomorrow. Learn more about sustainability at Silver Creek Family Farms.

Meet a Crop Farmer

Pete Badtke

Ripon, Wis.

At Badtke Family Farm, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword—it’s a way of life. For Pete Badtke, sustainability means nurturing the land to create healthy soil through cover crops and conserving water resources.

Meet a Beef Farmer

Karen & Greg Kerner

Phillips, Wis.
Third Generation Farmers

Deer Creek Farm uses several conservation practices on their farm including crop rotation, no-till, cover crops and moving cattle into the woods to graze.