It doesn’t take a lot of extra effort to support local farmers in Wisconsin. Plus, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing where your food comes from. Here are some of the ways you can enjoy fresh, locally-grown food.

1. Buy direct from farmers

Some farmers offer the opportunity to visit their farm to learn more about their operation and pick up local produce. You can also visit local farmer’s markets. For a farm near you, check out the map that the Wisconsin Agricultural Tourism Association put together here.

Bonus: After your visit, leave a positive review online so others can benefit, too.

2. Find local picks at your grocery store

You don’t have to visit a farm to support your local farmer. Many grocery stores carry local produce, meat and dairy products that come from family farmers and retain their freshness from the farm. For example, milk takes less than 48 hours to travel from the farm to the grocery store.

Some of our top products, such as cheese, come with a certified seal so you know you are buying local.

3. Eat seasonal food whenever possible

As much as we would like to eat our favorite foods year-round, buying foods when they are in season means they can be purchased directly from a local grower shortly after harvest. Plus, they are often fresher as they don’t have a long journey to the store. And most importantly, in-season food tastes best!

4. Include our top crops on your grocery list

Wisconsin is blessed with many agricultural products, including cranberries, cheese and snap peas. Dig through our list of recipes that make the most of our top crops and exports.

Fun Fact: Many families in Wisconsin and neighboring states purchase locally grown Christmas trees during the holiday season.

Recipes We Love

Take advantage of the wide variety of crops and livestock that are grown and raised in Wisconsin in these sure-to-please recipes.