Wisconsin Farm Bureau’s latest Marketbasket survey reveals the total meal price for a summer cookout for 10 people is $66.38, slightly down from last year. That’s less than $7 per person!

This is in contrast to the national average of $71.22, the highest since 2013, as per the American Farm Bureau survey.

“While we witnessed several price fluctuations across the items included in the summer marketbasket survey, the overall price in Wisconsin remained relatively stable from 2023,” said Wisconsin Farm Bureau’s Senior Director of Public Relations Cassie Sonnentag. “Wisconsin’s diverse agriculture industry lends itself to affordable food prices due to the availability and proximity to many of the survey’s items.”

The American Farm Bureau’s survey showed regional meal price differences:

RegionMeal Cost

The West’s higher costs, influenced by regulations like California’s Prop-12, notably drive up the national average.

“California regulations are showing their effect on the cost of food in the West,” said AFBF Economist Bernt Nelson. “For example, as a result of regulations like Prop-12, we are seeing a 30% higher average price on pork chops in California compared to the rest of the country.”

While national food prices are up 30% in the past five years, Nelson reminds consumers of the overall affordability of our nation’s food supply compared to other countries.

“We have some of the most affordable food prices in the world,” added Nelson. “That affordability is all made possible by a strong farm bill.”

Despite yearly food price fluctuations, farmers consistently receive 15 cents on the dollar.

“Farmers are feeling the pinch from high input costs like fuel and fertilizer,” added Sonnentag.

Inflation has also impacted consumers. For tips on stretching your food budget, check out our resources throughout Gather Wisconsin. Our site offers resources on sustainable swaps, understanding food labels and food safety.

Wisconsin Farm Bureau members collected data on 12 food items across 23 communities in June for this survey, part of the ongoing Marketbasket series that includes an annual Thanksgiving dinner cost survey.