The symbol of luck or maybe a reminder of St. Patrick’s Day, the four-leaf clover symbolizes many ideas. What if I told you it also represents leadership, community, agriculture and the future? A four-leaf clover with a white H on each petal represents just that. This is the 4-H emblem.

4-H is an organization that teaches youth all of these amazing skills and more! Each H on the clover stands for the organization’s four key elements: Head, Heart, Hands and Health.

4-H was founded in Clark County, Ohio in 1902. It started as an agricultural organization for youth looking to brighten the future. 4-H still involves agriculture today but has expanded to so much more! It now shows kids leadership, gives them a purpose in their community, inspires curiosity and connects people to form lifelong friendships.

Any kid ages 5 to 19 can join 4-H. No agricultural background is necessary, and 4-H clubs are located in rural, suburban, and urban communities.

I have many of my own fond memories in 4-H. I was a member of the Russell Corner Badgers 4-H Club from second grade all the way until I graduated high school.

My all-time favorite 4-H activity was participating in the county fair. I would work on different projects throughout the year and present them with my club. I presented beef cattle, pigs, photography, sewing projects, plants, cultural arts projects and even rocketry!

The project options are endless, and I had so much fun getting hands-on experience with them. Some of my other favorite 4-H memories include becoming a mentor to younger kids, taking a historic trip to the east coast and attending leadership conferences.

I promise you: 4-H has something for kids and parents alike! Whether it’s participating in community service, attending a leadership camp, learning about agriculture or starting a hands-on project, there is a place for everyone! You will find a welcoming community of people who are there to support you and your kids.

No matter what your child’s interests may be, there are so many amazing mentors in 4-H to help them unlock their curiosity and assist in discovering new skills.

You may be wondering now, how can I get my kids involved in 4-H? Simply click here, select your state and county, and pick a local club to join. You and your kids will love the experiences, memories, and friendships made in 4-H. It will surely leave a lasting impact and inspire the next generation of leaders.

Photos and graphics provided by 4-H.