Here in Wisconsin, we are fortunate enough to enjoy a variety of locally-grown and raised foods that ensure our time together is meaningful and delicious!

When it comes to gathering together, food is essential.

Learn how to make the best choices for your family by knowing where to purchase your food, how to prepare it safely and how to interpret food labels. We’ve also included a link to our favorite recipes, made with ingredients grown or raised right here in Wisconsin.

Corn on a picnic table

Selecting Food

Buying local produce and supporting local farms doesn’t necessarily mean visiting your local farm or farmer’s market. Learn all of the ways you can support your local Wisconsin farmer, as well as a regional guide.

Food Labels

We get it – food labels can get confusing. Here’s a handy glossary to help you figure out the difference – and importance – of the ones you see the most.

Food Prep

You made the effort to buy local and find the best recipes for your Wisconsin-grown produce-- don’t make the mistake of improper food preparation with our tips for cooking and serving food safely.

Fun Fact: Cranberries can help maintain digestive health, improve heart health and reduce inflamation.

Recipes We Love

Take advantage of the wide variety of crops and livestock that are grown and raised in Wisconsin in these sure-to-please recipes.