Photo Credit – St. Croix County Fair

The end of June kicks off county fair season around Wisconsin. From that point until the end of September, somewhere around Wisconsin, you will find it is a fair day for all but a handful of days during the summer.

Of course, the Wisconsin State Fair in West Allis, with an annual attendance of 1 million visitors, is the largest fair in Wisconsin. At some point in the summer, you will find an enjoyable county fair close to you.

A local county fair truly is an experience for everyone. Highlighted by amazing youth and youth programs, everyone can participate and enjoy the judging and entertainment offered. Whether it is taking in some of the great fair food, observing youth judging and educational display activities or enjoying the entertainment, you are bound to find fun for all who attend. Or participate yourself with your own projects and talents in an open class division.

You will find all kinds of diversity at a county fair. Livestock, horticulture, arts and crafts, woodworking and foods are some of the largest participated areas for all to enter. It truly is for everyone.

Photo Credit – St. Croix County Fair

Open class and senior citizen divisions in many counties allow for anyone to bring their talents and interests to be evaluated and displayed. It is a great place to learn, improve and share a hobby.

Young kids? Fantastic. A fair is a great place for them as well. They can experience most species of animals up close. Activities like mutton busting, kids’ pedal tractor pulls, entertainment areas and carnivals will bring fun for kids of all ages.

Photo Credit – St. Croix County Fair

A local county fair also is a great place for older kids to see exhibits and find new hobbies to enjoy. Leaders, parents and youth will be happy to answer questions, find contacts and information for your kids to become involved, and even find partnerships for youth if your kids want to learn more and work with animals you may not have the means or facilities to care for.

I encourage everyone to take in the educational fun at a local county fair or three this summer.

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