June Dairy Month is a longstanding tradition in Wisconsin. A Wisconsin dairy breakfast or related event is a great way for those of all ages to enjoy time with their family, meet local farmers, experience delicious food and learn about Wisconsin agriculture.

You can find your local dairy breakfast event by visiting the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin website which has an interactive map detailing dairy events across the state.

Once you have found your local event, here is what you can expect during your visit:


Community members walk through the line at a Wisconsin Dairy Breakfast.

From tours to wagon rides to games for the kids, there is something for everyone at a dairy breakfast. While each event will feature its own unique set of activities, there are likely opportunities to see tractors, farm equipment and other machinery up close.

Depending on the breakfast, there may also be opportunities to hear local musical entertainment, engage with local celebrities or enjoy yard games.


A woman serving food during a Wisconsin Dairy Breakfast.

It’s not a dairy breakfast without plenty of Wisconsin grown and raised food. Each breakfast has their own menu but you can expect plenty of Wisconsin dairy products including milk, cheese, yogurt and ice cream. Additionally, most dairy breakfasts include a traditional breakfast spread of eggs, potatoes and pancakes.

In addition the breakfast itself, many breakfasts often have exhibits and booths from local organizations who offer free samples of anything from cheese curds to snack foods. Make the most of your visit by visiting the booth exhibits and talking to local farmers.


Dairy cows eating during a June Dairy Breakfast event.

If you have never been on a dairy farm before, look no further! This is the perfect opportunity to experience agriculture up close and personal with a one-of-a-kind family experience.

Take a walk through modern dairy barns and milking parlors to see cows in their element. You will see first-hand the dedication farmers have to caring for their cows through bedding, nutritious feed and modern facilities that keep cows happy, healthy and comfortable.

Many dairy breakfasts also offer the opportunity to see farm equipment up close. Climb up in the seat of a tractor or even a combine harvester to get a feel for what a farmer sees on a daily basis.

Timeless memories

Two girls pet a dairy calf during a Wisconsin Dairy Breakfast.

Above all else, dairy breakfasts are a family experience that are a summertime staple in Wisconsin culture. From seeing animals up close to trying new foods, the memories made during June Dairy Month events are priceless. Family members of all ages are sure to talk about their experience long after the breakfast is over.

Find a June Dairy Month event near you and we will see you on the farm!

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