Are you firing up the grill this weekend? As we remember and honor those who served our country, over half of Americans will enjoy burgers, hot dogs, brats, steaks and more prepared on a grill. 

Whether you picked up your hamburger and steaks at the grocery store, your favorite local butcher or bought it directly from a local farmer, you can be certain that the beef meets the highest standards for animal and environmental care.  

Wisconsin farmers prioritize caring for the environment and are committed to caring for high-quality beef while finding innovative ways to protect the land. 

Farmers work with experts to develop the best environmental and animal care practices. Similar to following the guidelines from your pediatrician or doctor, farmers work with nutritionists to formulate rations that ensure each cow is getting the proper nutrition. They also work with veterinarians to practice the best care and comfort for their animals year-round.  

Grazing cattle helps to improve the ground year after year. Cattle put nutrients back into the soil and spread their own manure. 

Cattle graze on land that is not suitable for farming. They can upcycle this otherwise unusable land into high-quality protein for your grill and picnic table. We would prefer to enjoy a juicy hamburger over a handful of grass during the long weekend, and thankfully cows allow us to do that by eating the grass we cannot eat and turning it into delicious meat. 

Sustainable beef might have more than one connection to your Memorial Day picnic. Cattle also eat leftovers from human food production. Spent grains from brewing beer provide energy for cattle. While you enjoy your cold refreshment at your picnic, remember that cattle have an important role in eliminating food waste. They are turning the leftovers of products we enjoy into even more food for our tables.  

If you have your own leftovers after your Memorial Day picnic, get creative storing and reusing them. Try adding your leftover steak or hamburger to a salad for some extra protein. You can also freeze leftovers for a quick and easy meal during busy summer nights. Reusing and correctly storing leftovers helps to reduce food waste and your overall impact on the environment.  

When you fire up your grill this summer, you can feel confident that your hamburger patties and fresh cuts of steak come from the best beef in the world – raised with sustainability and animal care as a top priority. Farmers care about their animals and land. That exceptional care is reflected in the high-quality product on your table feeding your family. Make beef part of your sustainable summer! How will you enjoy beef this holiday weekend?