Lake Family Farm is a fifth-generation farm embracing innovative management and conservation practices. Jeff Lake’s goal is to pass his farm to his kids and grandkids.

Lake Family Farm is a fifth-generation farm located near Boyceville in Dunn County. Jeff and Kelley Lake, along with their children April and Jake, grow 1,500 acres of corn, soybeans and alfalfa. They also raise a small beef herd.

The Lake family has embraced innovative management and conservation practices and are continually promoting and protecting soil health, water quality and wildlife habitat, all while strengthening the farm’s bottom line.

Jeff compares planting no-till to planting a garden in a front lawn without using a rototiller. There are still challenges to no-till.

The Lake farm is surrounded by the north and south fork of the Hay River. Jeff has worked to build up and improve the stream bank by placing stream barbs along the shoreline. These barbs promote a good, natural habitat that allows native plants to thrive. Jeff lets the river do its thing and is confident it will stay in place without losing any bank.

Having proactively prepared their soil and land through cover crops, no-till, and buffer strips, the Lakes are not intimidated by large rain events. Combined, the practices they have implemented ensure the longevity of the farm’s future.

“Sustainability means we can pass the farm on to the next generation – even to our grandkids”