Jeremie Pavelski is the fifth generation at family owned and operated Heartland Farms. They are dedicated to sustainability for the long term and in day-to-day operations.

The motto “Farming for the Future” and term “sustainability” go hand-in-hand. At Heartland Farms, owners Jeremie and Alicia Pavelski are living out that motto with a commitment to energy efficiency and overall sustainability across the entire farm.

Heartland Farms is a fifth-generation family farm specializing in potatoes, sweet corn, canning peas and green beans. They manage 24,000 irrigated acres spread across five counties in central Wisconsin. The farm began with 80 acres in 1873, and those original acres are still farmed today.

Heartland Farms provides chipping potatoes for Frito Lay and exemplifies the company’s commitment to 100% sustainably sourced corn and potatoes. The storage facilities at Heartland have revolutionized the chipping potato industry through development of new agronomic and storage protocols for Frito Lay varieties. Potato storage management is key to delivering a high-quality product throughout the entire year.

Heartland Farms is home to more than 100 center pivot irrigation systems and uses advanced technology to control irrigation systems remotely from a smartphone or tablet. Proper irrigation is vital for maintaining yield and quality of a crop highly sensitive to stress from Mother Nature.

Photo supplied by Heartland Farms.

Advanced technology helps set teammates up for success. Modern, comfortable, safe and reliable vehicles are a win-win for Heartland and the environment. Utilizing technology lowers miles traveled per potato produced, promotes fuel efficiency and helps Heartland recruit and maintain team members.

The team at Heartland Farms is always looking at what they can do to be better for themselves, their communities and their customers.

“At the end of the day, our goal is to be the best neighbor we can be,” Jeremie said.

There are always new technologies to incorporate, but sustainability has been at the core of Heartland Farms from the very beginning.